BuildUP Philosophy

Regular Baptist Press is committed to helping you build lives by the Book.

The Regular Baptist Press BuildUP Philosophy of Education

BuildUP philosophy is a strategy that moves people toward spiritual maturity. It forms the framework for the Regular Baptist Press educational resources.

BuildUP Aim 1 - Believe the Gospel
BuildUP Aim 2 - Understand Biblical Ethics
BuildUP Aim 3 - Internalize Godliness
BuildUP Aim 4 - Learn Doctrine
BuildUP Aim 5 - Develop Life Skills
BuildUP Aim 6 - Uplift Others
BuildUP Aim 7 - Prepare to Serve

When pastors and church leaders emphasize these elements, the church grows spiritually.  As you implement the BuildUP approach in your Sunday School and other ministries, your students will move toward spiritual maturity.

For more detailed information about BuildUP:

RBP resources are built around the seven BuildUP aims. You can implement these aims in your church too! Take the BuildUP Challenge.

Educational Philosophy

The Bible

The foundation for “building lives by the Book” is the Book itself, the Word of God.  Our curriculum affirms that

  • God is the divine Author of Scripture;
  • God reveals Himself and His plan for mankind in His Word;
  • the Bible is the basis for our belief and for our behavior;
  • all Scripture is profitable for our instruction and correction.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the divine Agent in the teaching/learning process.  He works in both the teacher and the learner so that growth in Christlikeness can occur.

  • He gives understanding of the Scriptures.
  • He enables the believer to obey God’s Word.

The Teacher

An effective teacher

  • teaches God’s Word because they believe God wants them to do so;
  • pursues spiritual growth in their own life;
  • understands and prays for their learners;
  • seeks to lead unsaved learners to Christ;
  • encourages learners in their spiritual growth;
  • develops their teaching skills.

The Learner

Under the teaching of an effective teacher, the learner

  • accepts personal responsibility for learning;
  • desires to practice God’s Word as an act of obedience to God and with sincere love for Him;
  • develops a Biblical world and life view.

The Curriculum Materials

RBP curriculum provides a comprehensive and age-graded course of Bible study that can lead learners to a saving knowledge of Christ and growth in Him. This curriuclum

  • emphasizes personal salvation, believer’s baptism, active church membership, and outreach to the unsaved;
  • presents Bible doctrine, passages, and verses that correlate with the learners’ ages and abilities to learn;
  • increases in scope and depth of Biblical coverage as learners progress through the departments;
  • helps the teacher prepare and present effective lessons;
  • helps learners respond appropriately to God’s Word;
  • aids the local church in equipping its members to do “the word of the ministry.”