Women's Bible Studies

RBP’s Bible studies for women provide Bible book, character, and topical studies designed to help women define themselves and their roles and handle life’s challenges based on God’s Word. For small group or individual study.

With over 30 titles, each Bible study includes a leader’s guide in the back with suggestions for leaders and answers to the lesson questions.

Below you’ll find a small sample of what RBP has to offer.
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God’s Plan of Redemption: From Genesis to Revelation
This study focuses on Jesus’ personal interactions with women of His day. Learn why they loved, respected, served, and worshiped Him. Your life will change as you study the Gospels and Jesus’ interactions with these women.




The Gifts of Christ
Jesus Christ promised to give believers abundant life. Learn to deepen and enjoy your relationship with Him by discovering and accepting the gifts of grace He longs to give you. Life, love, peace, and joy are just a few. In 12 lessons you’ll discover some of what’s included in this abundant life Jesus promised. You’ll learn to know Him better, fellowship with Him, and maintain a genuine, practical everyday walk of faith with Him. This abundant life will then overflow into the lives of others, enabling you to share the gifts of Christ!


Beyond the Ballot: A Call to Pray for Your Nation
There are more American women in the political arena today than ever before. Study this phenomenon Scripturally by looking at prominent women of the Bible whom God used to impact kings, kingdoms, and legislation. This study calls women to move beyond the ballot to effectively pray for their nation.




Worry-Free Living: God’s Formula for Peace
Are you paralyzed by worry? Worry can open your mind to fear, magnify your troubles and trials, and rob you of your joy. But God’s Word offers a formula for peace. This study will show you how to turn every care into a prayer and achieve lasting victory over worry. (KJV, NKJV)




Our Sovereign God: The Book of Ezra
In a day of ungodly leadership, political unrest, and strong opposition to Biblical truth, people need hope. Ezra, Zerubbabel, Zechariah, and Haggai lived in our kind of world. As you study the Biblical record of their lives, the goal is that you will commit to being a woman of unshakeable faith—unafraid to take action, boldly proclaiming God’s truth, and watching for the mighty acts of our sovereign God.




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Women’s Bible Study Shareable Quotes:

What does love look like? Love looks like Jesus! —Juanita Purcell