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Academic RBB Academic books articulate Regular Baptist beliefs as a unified, systematic body of theology and practice. They discuss academic subjects that scholars and seminarians alike can glean knowledge and understanding from. This line of books is a great resource for Biblical scholars! Shop for RBB Academic books. Here’s an example of a RBB Academic book:

Strong Church

Dedicated church leaders and teachers desire their church to thrive. The question is, How does a church become strong? John Greening gives the Biblical answer to that question and guides readers step-by-step through the process of helping disciples develop spiritual maturity. He offers tools for gauging disciples’ progress in becoming like Christ. By knowing the spiritual walk of individual believers more intimately, your church will be able to teach them the Word of God more effectively.

All those who engage in teaching in the local church—pastors, deacons, Bible class teachers, small group leaders, children’s workers, teen sponsors, and disciplers—will benefit from reading Strong Church. Make your church strong—build disciples God’s way!

Baptist Distinctives and the New Testament Church Order

When people identify themselves with a label like “Lutheran,” “Presbyterian,” or “Baptist,” they’re really identifying themselves with a combination of convictions. The labels help distinguish one set of convictions from another. Dr. Kevin Bauder says, “Increasingly, church members display an astonishing lack of knowledge about just what Baptists believe.” In Baptist Distinctives, he not only spells out the beliefs that make Baptists different from others, he shows the Biblical bases, discusses differences between Baptist groups, and explains how the Baptist distinctives affect believers’ lives, especially their church life. If the Biblical, “Baptist” convictions are worth holding, they’re worth understanding and standing for. Read Baptist Distinctives for a contemporary look at Baptist beliefs and life.

Historical/Biographies RBB biographies provide historical recollections of those who impacted Regular Baptists. This line of books provides a valuable library of history for any believer who wants to be challenged to do great things for God! Shop for Regular Baptist Books biographies. Here’s an example of an RBB biography:

One in Hope and Doctrine

Baptists played a formative role in the fundamentalist/modernist controversy, but their contributions have never been studied in-depth until now. One in Hope and Doctrine offers a long-overdue narrative history, seen through the eyes of two leading characters, Oliver van Osdel and Robert Ketcham. The authors discuss the formation of the General Association of Regular Baptists, Conservative Baptists, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, the World Baptist Fellowship, the Bible Baptist Fellowship, the Sword of the Lord, and the movement that became known as Independent Fundamental Baptists. Carefully developed after years of research, personal interviews, and primary sources, the book will valuable to scholars, pastors, and ordinary church members

Practical RBB practical books provide practical insight into various subjects. This line of books is a great resource for church and ministry professionals! Shop for Regular Baptist Books practical books. Here’s an example of an RBB practical book:


Addiction: A Family Affair

So often, a counselor hears and sees only one side of a story: that of the substance abuser. It would be helpful, however, to know how the abuser’s family is coping. Do they see the progress the abuser claims to be making? Is everything really going as well as claimed? Very often the abuser has a rather myopic view of his problem: everything is okay at home, when, in fact, the family is at its wits’ end, frustrated, angry, and ready to throw in the towel. They have tried everything they can think of to fix their loved one and to stop him from using. They don’t have much faith that this current round of counseling is going to get very far. They have been burned too many times already. 

Addiction: A Family Affair is designed to encourage loved ones to tell their side of the story and, in return, to receive solid Biblical counsel for how to cope and how to respond to the abuser. Even if the abuser will not seek counseling, this material will help loved ones respond Biblically to the abuser and know what options they have.

More than Sobriety:
Resources for Biblical Substance Abuse Counseling

The secular world offers little to no hope for substance abuse addicts. They are doomed to be a slaves to their habits for life? They have a disease they cannot conquer? Their life is an endless cycle of recovery?

But Christ-in His amazing power, love, and grace-offers forgiveness and full freedom from sin’s grip. What a marvelous message we have to share with those who desperately need to hear hope!

Substance abusers commonly develop their own belief systems that actually fuel the addiction. This workbook systematically challenges those beliefs and counters them with the freeing truths of Scripture concerning man, his heart, his addiction, and his life-purpose.

This ready tool puts the Biblical perspective on addiction and substance abuse with the Biblical answers into an easy-to-use format for use when sitting across from someone who has a substance abuse problem, whether in the church office, the county jail or local homeless shelter, or the coffee shop. You will find that each lesson has a section for the counselor/teacher and a handout for the counselee. A helpful initial assessment form is included.

Dependence in the Wilderness

Where do you turn in the middle of life’s ordinary struggles and in the middle of extraordinary suffering? What captures your thoughts? How do you respond to the hurt?

In the pages of Dependence in the Wilderness, you’ll find hope and direction for your journey. The pursuits of David, Christ, and
other believers will become your own pursuits. Your wilderness journey will be transformed into a path on which you…

  • Seek God earnestly,
  • Reflect on Him continually, and
  • Praise Him submissively.

Dependence in the Wilderness was written to lead you to greater faith in God as you experience the ordinary or arid wilderness journeys of your life. More than that, the book seeks to help you praise God in the midst of life’s most puzzling and painful experiences.

The Pastor: A Guide for God’s Faithful Servant

Pastoral ministry is not a vocation for novices. The complexity of pastoral service requires the wisdom and experience of a veteran pastor. Every young pastor needs a “been-there-done-that” perspective like Paul provided to inexperienced Timothy as he embarked on his ministry.

The Pastor: A Guide for God’s Faithful Servant provides wise counsel on the basics of pastoring. Learn from a number of seasoned pastors with ministry guidance that will further equip you for the good work of shepherding the church of the living God.

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