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RBB Academic books articulate Regular Baptist beliefs as a unified, systematic body of theology and practice. They discuss academic subjects that scholars and seminarians alike can glean knowledge and understanding from. This line of books is a great resource for Biblical scholars!

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Baptist Distinctives and
the New Testament Church Order

When people identify themselves with a label like “Lutheran,” “Presbyterian,” or “Baptist,” they’re really identifying themselves with a combination of convictions. The labels help distinguish one set of convictions from another.

Dr. Kevin Bauder says, “Increasingly, church members display an astonishing lack of knowledge about just what Baptists believe.” In Baptist Distinctives, he not only spells out the beliefs that make Baptists different from others, he shows the Biblical bases, discusses differences between Baptist groups, and explains how the Baptist distinctives affect believers’ lives, especially their church life. If the Biblical, “Baptist” convictions are worth holding, they’re worth understanding and standing for. Read Baptist Distinctives for a contemporary look at Baptist beliefs and life.


RBB biographies provide historical recollections of those who impacted Regular Baptists. This line of books provides a valuable library of history for any believer who wants to be challenged to do great things for God!

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One in Hope and Doctrine

Baptists played a formative role in the fundamentalist/modernist controversy, but their contributions have never been studied in-depth until now. One in Hope and Doctrine offers a long-overdue narrative history, seen through the eyes of two leading characters, Oliver van Osdel and Robert Ketcham.

The authors discuss the formation of the General Association of Regular Baptists, Conservative Baptists, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, the World Baptist Fellowship, the Bible Baptist Fellowship, the Sword of the Lord, and the movement that became known as Independent Fundamental Baptists.

Carefully developed after years of research, personal interviews, and primary sources, the book will valuable to scholars, pastors, and ordinary church members



RBB practical books provide practical insight into various subjects. This line of books is a great resource for church and ministry professionals!

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The Business Side of Ministry

Church leaders and members will benefit from this basic guide to the business side of church ministry: finances (personal and church), planning and budgeting, salaries, legal matters, and more. Reading this book will not make you an expert in financial matters, but you will gain a working understanding of these topics and practical tools that you can implement in your church and personal life. With this basic knowledge, both the church body and the leadership can help protect and safeguard the ministry God has given them.

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