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It's Grow Time Jr. Church Kit - Year 1

It’s Grow Time Jr. Church Kit

  • Teacher’s Guide with lessons for grades 1–6
  • Fully reproducible Resource CD with teaching materials and theme-related clip art
  • 2 Song CDs
  • Animated Bible Accounts DVD
  • 13 full-color Teaching Pictures
  • 1 set of 18 Bible Timeline Collector Cards
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It’s Grow Time
uses a three-year
through-the-Bible scope and sequence with
younger, older, and combined-group options to fit your church.

Online samples available. Click here to see all It’s Grow Time products.

Kit items below are also available individually.

It's Grow Time - Year 1 Teacher's GuideTeacher’s Guide
Conveys the Bible timeline in practical, age-appropriate ways. Children will understand the reality of the Bible accounts and be challenged to apply them to their lives. Grades 1–6.

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It's Grow Time - Year 1 Song CDSong CDs
Two music CDs (one vocal, one instrumental) with a mix of worship songs and hymns to emphasize worshiping God. Check out the year one song list.

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It's Grow Time - Year 1 Bible Account DVDBible Account DVD
12 Bible account videos. Students listen to the Bible account and music while watching the account being illustrated in a simple, captivating way. Each 3- to 5-minute video makes the Bible account memorable.

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It's Grow Time - Year 1 Bible Timeline Collector CardsBible Timeline Collector Cards
This 18-card set traces key people and events through the Bible. Vibrant, Biblically accurate pictures on the front, with timeline, key Bible facts, and trivia on the back. The cards have the size and feel of collectible sports cards. 3 Series.

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ItIt's Grow Time - Teaching PicturesTeaching Pictures
Thirteen colorful and Biblically accurate teaching pictures that help convey key Bible accounts.

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It's Grow Time Kit - Year 1Year 1


It's Grow Time Kit - Year 2Year 2

Available for Fall 2013
Ships July 1, 2013

It's Grow Time Kit - Year 3Year 3

Available for Fall 2014
Ships late July, 2014