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Gods Explorers

God’s Explorers for Primaries (grades 1–2) is a two-year curriculum that spends a quarter on each of the seven BuildUP aims with a special emphasis in an eighth quarter on worship and prayer. Primary students are introduced to the basics of maturity in Christ on an age-appropriate level. The Primary curriculum provides an excellent opportunity for students to trust in Christ as their Savior and then to begin to grow as new believers.

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Truth Travelers

Truth Travelers for Middlers (grades 3–4) is a two-year through-the-Bible curriculum. Middler students travel through God’s Word, starting with the account of creation in the first quarter and ending with God’s plan for the future in the eighth quarter. The Middler curriculum puts the Biblical pieces together for the students and helps them understand God’s overall plan for redemption. As students move through the curriculum, they develop a deeper trust in God and have the opportunity to respond to Him in personal, practical ways.

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Faith Detectives

Faith Detectives for Juniors (grades 5–6) is a two-year curriculum that spends a quarter on each of Jesus’ aims with an additional quarter reinforcing truths about worship and prayer. The Junior curriculum is an age-appropriate discipleship course that encourages students to live out their faith. Students learn to study and respond to God’s Word as they complete weekly devotionals called Bible Investigation Files. Faith Detectives forms a valuable opportunity for students to learn to live like Christ.

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