Planting Faith

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2s and 3s | Pre-Primary

Planting Faith for 2s and 3s teaches Biblical truths concerning God, God’s Son, God’s Word, and God’s world. Students learn that God is their creator and that He loves and helps them. They begin to understand what sin is and that Jesus came to earth as a baby and then grew up and died for them. This two-year curriculum prepares 2s and 3s to understand the gospel.

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Planting Faith | Watering CanPlanting Faith for Pre-Primaries (age 4–kindergarten) reinforces foundational Biblical truths concerning creation, Jesus, salvation, and living for God. This two-year curriculum recognizes that Pre-Primaries are starting to understand the need for personal salvation and provides opportunities for students to trust in Christ as their Savior and then begin to live for Him.

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