Christmas Giving

Christmas Giving Project
Donate to the Christmas Project, the New Testament Exposition CommentaryThis Christmas give a gift that will ensure the printing of a valuable resource and secure Regular Baptist beliefs and commitment to doctrine for future generations.

The mission of Regular Baptist Press is to glorify God by providing church educational resources that are true to God’s Word and encourage maturity in Christ. Regular Baptist Books, a line of products from RBP, articulates Regular Baptist beliefs as a unified, systematic body of theology and practice. These books are critical to securing the doctrine of our leaders for future generations. Since these books have a high academic nature and limited market for sales, they are costly to produce. In order for these critical books to be developed and sold, they must be subsidized.

New Testament Exposition Commentary Series

The New Testament Exposition Commentary series (NTEC) is an exciting, expansive book project partnership between Regular Baptist Books and Daniel Davey. The series will be written for Christians in the local church—whether pastor, teacher, small group leader, or individual member.

A Conservative Dispensational Framework

Each volume will provide a readable, verse-by-verse guide through each New Testament book from a conservative dispensational framework. The authors are skilled Baptist pastors and professors who have dedicated their lives to the study of Scripture and are fully committed to local church ministry. They will clearly and carefully guide the reader through the meaning of the sacred text and draw relevant pastoral reflections for this age.

RBP’s Most Expansive Project

The NTEC being the most expansive book project Regular Baptist Press has ever attempted requires front-end funding. RBP and Davey are seeking to raise front-end funding to help underwrite the cost of production. The projected cost for the first four volumes is $96,800.

Christmas Project Giving Levels

If you are looking for a Christmas project for your church, group, or family, please consider helping to bring this project to fruition, here are a few of the ways you can offer your assistance:

  • Sponsor a volume.
    • Each commentary volume carries an estimated cost of $24,200.
  • Sponsor one or more stages of production per volume:
    • Editorial labor—$9,000 (includes copyediting, proofreading, and research)
    • Graphics design labor—$1,200
    • Initial printing—$4,000 for 1,500 copies
    • Marketing and promotions—$10,000
  • Sponsor 10 pastors or parachurch ministers to receive a complimentary volume
    • $161.30.

You can make a tax-deductible donation by:

  • mailing a check to 3715 N. Ventura Dr., Arlington Heights, IL 60004, with “NT Exposition Commentary support” in the memo field,
  • calling Regular Baptist Press at 1-800-727-4440, or
  • visiting and select NT Exposition Commentary in the drop-down menu.