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Strong Students for Middle School builds on the foundation laid by Strong Kids by increasing the depth of the teaching and expanding the variety of material. Students dive into God’s plan from Creation to Revelation, learn to study the riches of the Bible for themselves, and gain answers to their toughest questions.

Strong Students for High School shapes students’ thinking during their most formative years, preparing them to carry Biblical thinking into adulthood. The strength of this curriculum is its extensive coverage of Biblical truth, which exposes students to the many facets of the Bible. In addition to book studies, students take on challenging concepts, such as theological studies, practical issues, and evangelism.

Sr. High Sunday School | Real FaithSr. High Electives—Real Faith in Life

Challenge your students to stand firm in their beliefs and to have a vibrant relationship with Christ. Real Faith courses like Current Issues, My Bible: Can I Trust It?, and Making Choices prepare students for life. Studying Bible books such as Genesis, Acts, and Proverbs introduce students to proper expository Bible study and help them become further grounded in Scripture.

In addition to the current quarter of Real Faith in Life, elective courses are also available for senior high students!

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