Men's Bible Studies

Let’s get real—most men like to cut to the chase.  RBP’s line of Men’s Bible Studies aren’t feel-good fill-in-the-blanks. They’re relevant studies that challenge even the toughest of men.  These studies are Bible book, character, and topical studies designed to help men know, understand, and apply God’s Word to their unique roles.

RBP provides three series of Men’s Bible Studies that are great for guys groups, at church or even individual study.  Go ahead—challenge the men in your church!

12 Clueless Men

At times men can be clueless—not just in relating to women, but also in walking with Christ. Jesus met with twelve clueless disciples the night before His crucifixion. The seed concepts He taught turned the men into a mighty force for the gospel. Discover in this study how the same truths can turn the lights on for you, enabling you to gain the confidence and focus for powerful living and service. Don’t settle for being clueless.

Real Men... Men's Bible Study SeriesReal Men… Series

What should a man look like and what distinguishes him from the boys? This Bible study series examines five qualities that God wants real men to have. Click here to view all of the books in this series.

Men at... Men's Bible Study SeriesMen At… Series

What’s your purpose in life? This series helps men define how they practice their God-given purposes in their daily living—whether they’re at home, work, or play. Click here to view all of the books in this series.

A Man and His... Men's Bible Study SeriesA Man and His… Series

What does God expect of a man? This series studies how men should live in regards to ethics and finances. Click here to view all of the books in this series.

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