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It's Grow Time (Jr Church)Jr Church

Prepare your kids for “big” church while promoting spiritual growth now! It’s Grow Time uses a through-the-Bible scope and sequence with large-group/small-group options to fit your church.  Learn More.

Kids4Truth Clubs logoKids4Truth Clubs

Kids4Truth Clubs is a kids’ club program like no other! It’s systematic theology for kids! It’s much more than memorizing verses. Every aspect of the club program helps students understand what they’re memorizing and how it applies to their own lives. It helps them know what they believe and why they believe it!  Learn More.

Go! 5 mission adventures for kidsMissions

Your adults may be in a missions conference in the auditorium, but your kids are going on a mission adventure in the other room! Go! 5 mission adventures for kids gathers your students into a “Great Commission Team” that will take five trips into the Bible to learn about missions.  Learn more.

Lil' Sprouts Club (Nursery)Nursery

Lil’ Sprouts Club is the complete nursery resource—perfect for nursery ministries of all sizes! Teacher’s will enjoy using the simple lessons and activities to teach basic Bible truths to children under two. Learn more.

RBP Children's Sunday School

Sunday School

Introducing the brand new Sunday School Strong Curriculum designed for all ages that will help build stronger churches through teaching all Scripture to produce spiritually mature believers who measure up to the stature of Christ. NOW MORE THAN EVER, IT’S TIME TO BE STRONG! When you choose the Strong Curriculum, you are choosing a Sunday School curriculum with all of God’s Word and the life application that comes with it. Learn more.

Wonder World Funfest (VBS 2021) logo

Vacation Bible School

Are you looking for a gospel-centered VBS program that weaves the salvation message into each lesson? Look no further than RBP VBS! RBP’s Vacation Bible School programs are built around a solid theological framework and motivated by a desire to teach Bible truths using age-appropriate methods.