BuildUP Bible Studies | Take the BuildUP ChallengeIs your church being properly constructed?
Do you have an intentional plan to guide believers to grow in Christ?
Take the BuildUP challenge and see spiritual growth in seven distinct areas.

BuildUP Bible Studies

Based on our BuildUP strategy, each of the books in this line addresses one of seven areas for spiritual growth. Great for new or older believers who realize their need for continued growth. Take the challenge individually or in a group!

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 Steps to Taking the Challenge

What is the BuildUP Challenge? Simply put, it’s a program to intentionally encourage spiritual growth in your church using the BuildUP aims. Download a sample schedule here.

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Step 1: Get your church leadership on board with the challenge by reading through Blueprint for Spiritual Maturity as a team or by attending a Blueprint Seminar.

Blueprint for Spiritual Maturity by John and Daria Greening is an introduction to the BuildUP model. This booklet introduces the Blueprint plan for intentional spiritual growth: building the church and building individuals according to Christ’s design. The book also introduces the Bible studies based on the BuildUP acrostic.

BuildUP Bible Studies 1Step 2: BuildUP 101

The first set of seven BuildUP books.

BuildUP Bible Studies 2Step 3: BuildUP 102

The second set of BuildUP books builds upon the foundational truths found in set one.