Our specialists are available for the following services:

  • Ministry consultation
  • Training workshops
  • Ministry resources information
  • VBS resources information
  • Local Christian education events
Marrena Ralph

Marrena Ralph

Clubs Program Specialist


“I have a deep desire for
children to be taught the
Word of God and to
develop a relationship
with our Lord.”

Clubs Program Specialist

Marrena has a deep desire for children to be taught the Word of God and to develop a relationship with our Lord. Kids4Truth Clubs is an outlet for that desire. She began as assistant to the curriculum creator, developing all the club’s supporting resources. Because of her background in art and organization, creating resources is a delightful, creative outlet for her.

Marrena also enjoys training workers how to effectively minister to children through Kids4Truth Clubs training events and Christian education conferences.

God has gifted Marrena with the ability to see how to adjust the Kids4Truth Clubs program to meet the needs of individual churches. She has seen the program successfully used in hundreds of ways. She is a fan of Kids4Truth Clubs and welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about the program and how it can be used in your church.

Tony Randolph

Tony Randolph

Business Director

847.843.1600, ext. 887

Business Director

Tony was a senior pastor for seven years and an administrative pastor for four, and though he is now the business director for RBP, his heart has always been with Christian education in the church. He taught Sunday School for 38 years and has led small groups for the past 22. Currently he’s leading a small group Bible study for men and one for couples.

Tony’s experience has taught him what works in small groups, so now he also teaches about small group structure, covering topics such as covenants, healthy components, and accountability.

Along with his degree in education, Tony has a business degree and 11 years experience with GM. His and his wife, Melinda, have two children and five grandchildren.

Tony travels around the country meeting pastors, providing training, and introducing RBP curriculum to churches. He looks forward to meeting you and helping you build a stronger church.

Pam Lewis

Pam Lewis

Curriculum Specialist, Canada


“I love our beautiful country. It’s an honour to serve churches across this diverse land.”

RBP Canada

Pam graduated from Western University in 1991. While there, she led a small prayer group one year and was active in Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship another. Pam’s love for Jesus has steered her to ministry and using her skills to assist others in sharing the gospel.

As a parent, Pam decided to stay home with her kids, volunteering in their schools and sports programs. With her heart for children, Pam desires for kids and teens to be introduced to and build a loving relationship with Jesus, followed with Bible studies to deepen that relationship. Since her kids are now grown, Pam has dedicated her time to assisting others in strengthening their relationships with Jesus.

Pam is thrilled to work with churches throughout Canada. While she has lived in southern Ontario her entire life, she has visited almost all the Canadian provinces, with the exception of Newfoundland/Labrador and the territories, which she hopes to visit one day.

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