Truth for Living Bible Studies

LifeDesign Adult Sunday School

A comprehensive, trustworthy curriculum that presents the truth of God’s Word without compromise.
The elective adult curriculum includes through-the-Bible courses as well as in-depth doctrinal and timely topical courses. Perfect for adults who want a guide in using all of God’s Word as God intended.

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Each Truth for Living course is made up of the following components:

Leader’s Guide (Sample)Truth For Living Adult Curriculum

  • Includes lesson starters to connect learners to lesson themes
  • Provides leaders with teaching methods that engage learners in impactful conversations
  • Guides leaders in explaining Scripture passages through thought-provoking commentary
  • Correlates with the learner’s Bible Study Book

Bible Study Book (Sample)

  • Fosters understanding of Scripture through
    well-designed questions
  • Challenges learners to honestly consider their lives in light of Bible truth
  • Designed for individual, small group, or classroom use
  • Convenient 6″ x 9″ size
  • User-friendly format

Leader’s Resource CD

  • Features ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations for each lesson
  • Highlights key points in the course with Prezi presentations
  • Contains flexible-use case studies
  • Offers memory verse helps
  • Provides visuals, including maps and charts

Horizons Take-home Paper

  • A weekly publication to help adults build their lives by the Book
  • Biblically based features and stories
  • Practical, affordable Christian reading
  • 13 issues per quarter

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Leader’s Guide (Sample)
Each Truth for Living lesson plan has three distinct parts:

  • GETTING STARTED is the attention-getter. The questions and activities “set the table,” as it were, for the Bible study.
  • SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES is the heart of the lesson. A series of inductive Bible study questions leads the teacher and learners through the Biblical text.
  • MAKING IT PERSONAL applies the truth to life.

As is true of any teaching experience, you can adapt the parts of the lesson to fit your particular class. You may choose to alter the beginning activities or change the focus of the application. You will find more material in the Bible study than you can probably cover in one class session.

Bible Study Book (Sample)
The leader’s guide is designed to accompany the Bible study book. We encourage you to distribute Bible study books to your learners. Urge them to complete the study before class. The more your learners have studied on their own, the better the class discussions will be. Most of the questions in the leader’s guide are picked up from the Bible study book. You will notice the question numbers in parentheses; the answers are in italics immediately following the questions.

Other Resources
The resource CD has PowerPoint presentations for every lesson. They incorporate the resource visuals and provide a good way for teachers and learners to track the lesson. The resource CD also has Prezi presentations for some of the lessons. Instructions for using the Prezi presentations are on the CD. Other resources include helps for Scripture memory, case studies, and lesson outlines.

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