Women's Bible Studies

RBP’s Bible studies for women provide Bible book, character, and topical studies designed to help women define themselves and their roles and handle life’s challenges based on God’s Word. For small group or individual study.

With over 30 titles, each Bible study includes a leader’s guide in the back with suggestions for leaders and answers to the lesson questions.

Below you’ll find a small sample of what RBP has to offer.
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King Over All
Daniel believed, acted upon, and lived out one important truth: God is in control. Trace Daniel’s experiences and learn how you, too, can have victory in the circumstances, crises, and culture you experience every day. You, too, can demonstrate to the world that the glorious God is King over all.




Redeemed: Extraordinary Grace for Ordinary People
The book of Ruth is the account of an ordinary girl who moves to an ordinary place to live among ordinary people. But God is graciously working to do extraordinary things through her. Redeemed explores Ruth’s story as God brings her into His family, places her in the line of Christ, and paints a beautiful portrait of His big redemption plan—one where famine leads to faith and foreigners become family.




Total Transformation: Following God’s Design for Spiritual Renovation
Walk through the rooms of your soul, evaluating what needs to be repaired, built up, or remade. This study will guide you toward a total transformation of your spiritual life. Each lesson is designed with six sessions for you to complete during the week. Each session includes several “tools” that together will help you progress toward transformation through the power of God’s Word.




Thy Will Be Done
When God’s will and your desires collide, what do you do? Jonah tried to dodge God’s will, while Habakkuk questioned it. This study of Jonah and Habakkuk provides insights into how God’s people might respond to a plan they don’t like. You’ll learn what pitfalls to avoid and attitudes to choose when God’s plans don’t line up with yours.




Faces of Friendship
Friendship is a precious gift from God. It’s also a sacred art. God’s Word gives accounts of many friendships—unfailing ones like David and Jonathan’s and ungodly ones like Amnon and Jonadab’s. Studying them all, you’ll learn about forgiveness, unity, jealousy, encouragement, and more. You’ll observe excellent friends, like Jesus, and poor friends, like Job’s three. You’ll unlock the mysteries that can knit your heart with others and make you true friends.



Soul Rest: A Journey with Jesus
Rest is designed by God to refresh and restore us. But how do we get it, what does it look like, and what can it do for us on a daily basis? Soul Rest: A Journey with Jesus draws us into our Savior’s discipleship program to see how He rested and how He instructed His followers to rest. It shows us that it is only in His footsteps and in His shadow that deep, life-changing soul rest resides.




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Women’s Bible Study Shareable Quotes:

What does love look like? Love looks like Jesus! —Juanita Purcell