Adult Bible Study Curriculum

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Adult Sunday School | Truth for LivingAdult: Truth for Living

A comprehensive, trustworthy curriculum that presents the truth of God’s Word without compromise. Perfect for adults who want a guide in using all of God’s Word as God intended.

Adult Sunday School | LifeDesignAdult Electives: LifeDesign

A through-the-Bible curriculum that is intensely Biblical and intentionally practical. Helps busy adult learners know and understand, apply, and practice God’s Word in practical, effective ways.

Diseño de VidaAdult Electives: LifeDesign Español

The same trusted material you know from RBP, now in Spanish!
Un plan curricular de toda la Biblia, intencionalmente escritural y práctico. Diseño de Vida ayuda a los adultos ocupados a conocer, entender y aplicar la Palabra de Dios de manera práctica y eficaz.

Truth For Living Adult Curriculum