Topical Bible Studies

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Think Inside the Book
The Bible is God’s resource to us for successful living. For centuries, the Bible has made a radical difference in the lives of millions of people. By the end of this 8-lesson book, you will be able to see the difference the Bible can make in your life too! This book was designed for individual study but may also be adapted for group study. Discussion questions included.



Conflict Under Control
Have you ever struggled in the midst of conflict? Have circumstances, attitudes, and others’ desires seemed to be against you? Conflict is everywhere. It shows up at work, at home, in church, in the government. Where can you look for help? The answer is, UP! Look up to Christ. This seven-lesson course based on Philippians can be used as an individual or group bible study as you seek to get Conflict Under Control.



Money. Sex. Communication. These hot-button issues seem to crop up in every marriage, no matter how happy the couple. And everywhere you turn, there are plenty of experts with conflicting opinions on how to solve the problems. The best advice comes from the One Who designed and prescribed marriage: God Himself.