Impact Parenting Seminar

Impact Parenting | Parents and grandparents want to see their children and grandchildren grow in wisdom and godliness. They also want to see their children be successful in life. To do that they must obey instruction, work hard, get along with others, choose the right friends, avoid sinful activities, respect authority, manage their money, and be diligent in completing their responsibilities. Most of all, parents and grandparents desire that their offspring trust Jesus as Savior. To achieve these goals, you need a plan, along with the skills and confidence to carry out that plan. That's where Impact Parenting comes in! This seminar is a practical, engaging day of learning based upon a Scriptural parenting approach for raising wise and godly kids who make good decisions in life. Each participant will also receive a 95-page manual and "how-to" instruction on Biblical parenting that will assist families in years to come.John and Daria Greening | In our role as parents and grandparents, my wife and I want the best for our family. I know you want the best for families as well. We desire to help you learn these powerful parenting techniques that are taught in God's Word.

Who Should Attend?

  • Parents
  • Parents-to-be
  • Grandparents
  • Teachers
  • Pastoral Staff

Impact Parenting guides parents in

  • Using the book of Proverbs to develop their children Biblically
  • Learning practical ways to help their children become wise decision-makers
  • Assessing their children’s progress toward spiritual maturity
  • Gaining skills for engaging children creatively in learning Biblical values

Registration Fees

  • Per Person (one book) – $40 ($50 on-site)
  • Per Couple (one book) – $80 ($90 on-site)

Fees include:

  • A full day of instruction, renewal, and ministry help
  • Impact Parenting seminar workbook
    (Attendees registering at the Couples’ rate will share one manual.)
  • Opportunity for fellowship with and encouragement from others involved in parenting
  • Lunch and snacks
Place and Date Online Registration Map and Directions
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