Mike Stallard Joins Friends of Israel Board

MikeStallard_thumbMike Stallard has joined the board of Friends of Israel, an outreach ministry to Jews. Stallard is the general editor of Regular Baptist Books’ Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant, which addresses three views of a single idea: God will make His new covenant with Israel, not the church. He has also written articles for FOI’s magazine, Israel My Glory, and the Baptist Bulletin.

MikeStallard_inline“I am happy to be, in a more direct way, part of an organization that I have followed and supported for many years and which has stood by the central dispensational truths of the Word of God,” Stallard says. “Their heart to reach Jewish people with the gospel of Christ is beyond question. They have a great relationship with the nation of Israel. God is doing many wonderful things.”

  • Download the first chapter of Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant by following this link and clicking the samples tab.
  • Subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin, digital edition, to read an interview, “Premillennialism Today,” with Mike Stallard in the November/December 2014 issue. (If you already subscribe to the print edition, sign up for free digital access.)
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