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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Shopping List: Six Ingredients for Spiritual Growth, a new ladies’ Bible study by Carole Combs, is available at

One beautiful thing about being a believer in Jesus Christ is that though each person is unique, each is part of the Body of Christ. There’s unity in Jesus. There are principles in His Word that apply to women of every ethnicity, generation, location, and position in life. Carole covers some of them in her new book, as she shares six truths she has learned from decades of studying and obeying God’s Word.

Shopping List book cover drawing of woman (from hips to calves); she'scarrying bag of groceriesShopping List is divided into six lessons, each with six days’ worth of short commentary and questions. Carole’s writing is personal, straightforward, and compelling. In these six lessons, she covers

  • genuine faith
  • trust in God
  • a thankful heart
  • ownership
  • spiritual wardrobe
  • adversity

Carole approaches these subjects from the perspective of a shopper going through the aisles in God’s storehouse, where everything is free. If it’s on the shopping list, take it off the shelf, put it in the cart, take it home, and use it! God’s spiritual ingredients satisfy—abundantly.

Carole Combs, author of Total Transformation: Following God’s Design for Spiritual Renovation, is a wife, mother, sister, grandmother of 12, mentor, sometimes runner, and lover of DIY renovation, especially painting.


Shopping List: Six Ingredients for Spiritual Growth

RBP5520 • ISBN 978-1-64213-455-1

Paper • 95 pages • Retail $8.99

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