It’s 2020—Nothing’s Been ‘Normal’

In the midst of upheaval, puzzlement, suffering, and doubts, God is still God!


Cover for Fearful & Wonderful: The God of Our Salvation by Amy R DunhamARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.— Regular Baptist Press announces the publication of Amy R. Dunham’s newest book, Fearful and Wonderful: The God of Our Salvation.

“Where is God, and why isn’t He doing anything about . . . ?” That’s a common question, one that the prophet Habakkuk asked as he learned what the evil Babylonians were going to do to God’s wayward people, Judah. Amy writes, “The book of Habakkuk reveals the intimate relationship between a man with a grieving heart and the God Who loves him. The boldness of the prophet’s cries, the suffering heard in his questions and doubts, and his final surrender shown in light of his awe and faith in God take us on a journey of discovering God a little more for ourselves.”

Whether we are riding high in the mountains, trudging through the muck of the valley, or simply wading through the mundane, God is still God. He still hears us. He still sees us. He is unshaken and constant. He is also a merciful judge. The power of His salvation gives us hope—hope in Who He is, not just in what He can do.

Fearful and Wonderful guides learners through the study of Habakkuk, where they will find a beautiful picture of the God Who loves them, rejoices over them, and made them with His fearful and wonderful power.

Order your copy of Fearful and Wonderful: The God of Our Salvation, an RBP Women’s Bible Study book complete with a study of Habakkuk and a Leader’s Guide.


Fearful and Wonderful: The God of Our Salvation

RBP5181 • ISBN: 978-1-64213-670-8

Paper • 110 pages • Retail $8.99

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