Regional Manager

Your Regional Manager is available for the following services:

  • Ministry consultation
  • Curriculum training workshop
  • Ministry resources information
  • VBS resources
  • Local CE events

“Keeping up with new ideas and ways to help your Sunday School grow can be a daunting task. My passion is to help the local church grow through the Sunday School by equipping workers in Building Lives by the Book.”

Alan Wilson, Regional Manager
888.588.1600 ext. 894 | 847.830.8477 cell

After receiving my master of theology degree, I spent over 15 years of ministry in local churches serving as a senior pastor, associate pastor, Sunday School teacher, youth minister, and Christian Education Department coordinator. As a result I have been involved in every area of the Sunday School ministry.

Because of extensive travel, I am constantly in touch with Christian educators across the country and have a wealth of ideas and suggestions that might be helpful to your situation. I can assist you and your church with curriculum needs, Christian Education program helps and resources, teacher training, and local church conferences.

I live in the Milwaukee area and am available whenever needed. Together we can build a stronger Sunday School program that will meet the spiritual needs of the children, youth, and adults in your church.