Showing and Sharing My Faith


Showing and Sharing My Faith

Showing and Sharing My Faith • Pete Mothershead • RBP5380 • ISBN 978-1-59402-658-4
7 lessons • Paper • Retail $7.99

Showing and Sharing My Faith

God has commanded believers to witness, but sharing our faith can be scary. Many believers don’t do it simply because it seems intimidating. A Biblical view of evangelism – when accepted and practiced – enlightens, equips, and energizes believers to “preach” the gospel to unbelievers.

This Bible study will help you understand evangelism Biblically.

You will learn to:

  • conquer fear
  • find a more natural way of witnessing
  • understand God’s role in the salvation of a sinner
  • identify how and where to be an effective witness
  • avoid giving someone a false security
  • help new believers gain Biblical assurance of their salvation

Pete Mothershead is currently director of Balanced Evangelism, a seminar ministry to local churches. In his many years of ministry he has served as both Senior Pastor and Pastor of Evangelism at various churches.

Showing and Sharing My Faith
Pete Mothershead
RBP5380 • ISBN 978-1-59402-658-4
7 lessons • Paper • Retail $7.99

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