Family Life


Family Life: What is a Family?

Family Life • David & Carolyn Culver
ISBN 978-1-59402-663-8
8 lessons • Paper • Retail $7.99

Family Life

What is a family? Is it merely a group of people living in the same house? Our culture defines “family” without providing an absolute description of what a normal family looks like. But the family is God’s idea. He invented the family and left us Biblical teaching to help us as we discover what a family is meant to be.

If we want to experience meaningful, enjoyable, fulfilling, and lasting family life, we need to read and follow the instructions. The Bible is where we find God’s directions on the family – and it is where we learn how much the family matters.

David & Carolyn Culver have served in three churches over the past 30 years. David (DMin, Baptist Bible Seminary of Pennsylvania) is the lead pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Carolyn (BA, Cedarville College) taught high school English and is now an administrative assistant at Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. The Culvers have four adult children.

Family Life
David & Carolyn Culver
RBP5381 · ISBN 978-1-59402-663-8
8 lessons · Paper · Retail $7.99

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