Mission Focus

By Manning Brown

FocusOf the varied positions I had throughout my Air Force career, one of the most challenging was that of public affairs planner. I was responsible for both daily and long-range planning, which included developing crisis action plans for contingencies and other operations. Myriad variables would go into those plans, and I needed to ensure that the public affairs annex (chapter) supported them. The challenge was as fascinating as it was exhausting. But even with every well-thought-out plan, unforeseen variables could sometimes lead to “mission creep.” Mission creep is another way to say “losing focus,” where our main objectives are overshadowed by distractions that redirect our attention.

Our walk with Christ is no less susceptible to mission creep. For example, we plan to have a quiet time every day, but a missed alarm or staying late at work can interrupt that plan. As those unknown variables work their way into our lives, before we know it, we realize we need to get back “on mission.”

Key preventatives to mission creep are diligence in anticipating the variables and having the discipline to stay (or get back) on mission. At Regular Baptist Press, we use that same diligence and discipline in developing our curriculum. A multiyear scope and sequence is used to plan our Sunday School material for several years out. Likewise, as current-year VBS material becomes available, our writers are already prayerfully considering all aspects of the following year’s program. This long-range planning helps our writers focus our curriculum, ensuring it is evangelistic and Biblically based, designed for spiritual growth.

It’s always rewarding to have a plan come together and to be acknowledged for it. And for the fourth time in as many years, Child Evangelism Fellowship® has recognized RBP’s Vacation Bible School for its quality in content. Rev. Moises Esteves, CEF’s vice president of USA Ministries, stated, “CEF is pleased to once again endorse Regular Baptist Press’ VBS curriculum for 2014. Arrow Island: Choosing God’s Way. We continue to be encouraged by the strong biblical content and Gospel presentations of Regular Baptist Press material.”
RBP’s unwavering commitment is to stay “on mission” to glorify God “by providing church educational resources that are true to God’s Word and encourage maturity in Christ.” Producing curriculum that helps build lives by the Book is central to our plan.

About Regular Baptist Press
Regular Baptist Press offers a wide range of curriculum, VBS programs, Bible studies, books, and training seminars. RBP resources are Biblically sound, covering the entirety of Scripture, and designed for spiritual growth.

Regular Baptist Press is the publishing ministry of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

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