New Way to Donate to GARBC Ministries Announced


General Association of Regular Baptist Churches

A new web-based processing system will allow those wishing to give to GARBC ministries greater flexibility in making donations. The new system provides a means for processing noncash gifts and donations.

Processing noncash, or in-kind, gifts can be difficult and time-consuming. To make them a viable giving option, the GARBC has established a business agreement with iDonate, which will process all noncash gifts on its behalf.

“In the past, it was just not possible for us to efficiently process ‘in-kind’ or noncash gifts, such as cars or real estate,” says Michael Nolan, GARBC treasurer. “This new system gives donors the ability to give just about anything in support of the many ministries of the GARBC.”

For example, if someone wanted to donate a car to one of the GARBC ministries, they would simply go to that ministry’s website and click “Donate Now.” After following step-by-step directions and clicking the “Submit” button, the donor would be contacted by iDonate, who would arrange to have the vehicle picked up. After the vehicle sold, iDonate would send cash from the sale to the ministry, less processing fees, and issue a receipt for the full value of the tax-deductible donation.

“We are excited by this new capability,” said Nolan. “Getting involved and supporting GARBC ministries is as easy as getting online.”

Support the ministries of the GARBC and make a donation today! Find out more at

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