VBS Kicks Off in Churches Across Country

VBS3_inlineThe barns are going up! Churches across the country are putting up barns, welcoming farm animals and VBS kids, and having a great time “Growin’ with Our Faithful God” as they visit Cowabunga Farm, this year’s VBS from Regular Baptist Press.

Before VBS, First Baptist Church, Princeton, Ind., loaded a farm wagon with high school students, taking them to surrounding neighborhoods to hand out invitations to Cowabunga Farm. Adults and youth also created 100 barn-style birdhouse kits as VBS craft projects. Holding their VBS in the evening allowed more involvement by church members and parents.

Students at Berean Baptist Church, Pella, Iowa, met Miss Anna and her friends Hoover, Ryan, Ally, and Buttercup the talking cow! While they enjoyed these puppets—as well as games, snacks, and age-appropriate crafts—they were learning about God and themselves by studying the Genesis account of Joseph.

But life lessons from Joseph weren’t the only thing students learned at Cowabunga Farm! Dwight D. Eisenhower observed that farming looks “mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.” To learn to appreciate a farmer’s work, students at Beauregard Memorial Baptist Church in Longville, La., shucked their own ears of corn before eating them. They also sat under shady “balloon-leaf” trees and enjoyed the Cowabunga Farm puppets during their fun-filled days on the farm.

VBS2_inlineVBS isn’t just about having fun or new experiences. RBP focuses on making its VBS programs evangelistic, enabling teachers and workers to weave the gospel into every part. Shepherd Road Baptist Church in Mulberry, Fla., introduced the gospel message to many visiting children. Residents new to the neighborhood sent their kids to VBS, giving the church new contacts to follow up on. The church will continue building on its growing relationship with students who attended VBS in the past.

Tower Road Baptist Church in Albuquerque, N.M., reports that about 80 children attended Cowabunga Farm and that “a good group” of them trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior during VBS. “Many kids seemed to love the VBS. We have had parents who were not regular members come visit the church,” says Pastor Nathaniel Jaramillo.

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