Wisconsin Churches Meet for Conference with Jon Jenks

warbc2_inlineWISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis.—Churches across Wisconsin met for their fall conference with speaker Jon Jenks. The conference was held Oct. 17 and 18 at Calvary Baptist Church, where Jenks has served since 1995, first as pastor of church education and then, since 2000, as senior pastor.

Jenks (MDiv, Baptist Bible Seminary) is author of the chapter “Working with Volunteers” in The Pastor: A Guide for God’s Faithful Servant. He says he is “passionate about developing leaders who will repeat the mentoring process with others.”

That passion tied in well with the conference theme, “Cultivating Leaders in the Local Church.” God desires that we all lead, he points out. Whether we’re parents, teachers, pastors, or laypeople, we can all develop spiritually as leaders and duplicate those qualities in others.

Jenks challenged attendees in the areas of embracing the Biblical command to make disciples, establishing the foundation for leadership, and planning the first steps in the leadership development process. “Each of the sessions was well received and challenged pastors and churches in an area that can change the understanding of church life—in a good way!” says Bill Mattox, pastor of Meadowood Baptist Church, Madison, Wisconsin.

The North Iowa Pastors’ Fellowship, which last year invited Jenks to speak at a retreat, calls him a gifted administrator and teacher who is leading his church to “focus on discipleship and growing one another in Christ.” Jenks is coordinator of Calvary Baptist’s ministry to teens and is state director of Talents For Christ.

In addition to hearing from Jenks, the Wisconsin churches also said farewell to Ed Fuller, who retired as their state representative.

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