Kids4Truth Clubs Leads Teacher Training

PETERSBURG, Ky.—When Marrena Ralph went to visit her son Peter, the youth director of Bullittsburg Baptist Church, she took advantage of an opportunity and asked the church to host a Kids4Truth Clubs training event. This enabled her to invite churches in parts of Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio, a region with about 30 churches using the Kids4Truth Clubs program.

At the March 9 event, Marrena covered how to understand TruthBooks, the Kids4Truth Clubs student workbooks; how to set up nightly and yearly schedules; how the awards system works; record keeping; and the responsibilities of small group leaders, since the children meet in small groups to recite verses and to answer questions in a catechism format. When time allows, Marrena also covers how to effectively use games, memory techniques, and motivating children to learn.

Because Marrena has been a Kids4Truth Clubs parent and worker, as well as an employee of the clubs, she is passionate about sharing what the clubs can accomplish in the lives of boys and girls. She enjoys training those who will have an eternal impact on Kids4Truth Clubs kids. Marrena leads one or two training conferences each month. RBP Marketing Manager Jonathan Norris says that at these events, Marrena goes beyond providing churches with a hands-on, in-depth learning experience about how the program works. “You get to experience firsthand the heart of the program,” he says. “Kids4Truth Clubs helps children know what they believe and why they believe it. That’s vital in our time!”

Marrena will be with Pastor Dave Swope and the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church in Mesa, Arizona, for a training conference on March 25 (from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Anyone in the area is welcome to attend, says Marrena; “simply bring your own sack lunch.”

Churches that want to host a training event should schedule as soon as possible, as Marrena’s schedule fills quickly. Contact Marrena to book or find a regional training event near you.

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