RBP Authors Speak at Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

10th Annual Council on Dispensational HermeneuticsCLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.—Baptist Bible Seminary hosted the 10th annual Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics Sept. 13–14. Aiming to keep objective interpretation of Scripture at the forefront of modern Biblical presentation in churches and academia, the council serves as a forum for traditional dispensationalists to discuss hermeneutics and related matters. This year, council members presented papers on the topic “Dispensationalism and the Glory of God.”

Participating in the event were several RBP authors, including Mike Stallard, general editor of Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant and the event’s moderator. Two contributing authors, Dave Fredrickson and Elliott Johnson, presented papers: Fredrickson, “The Value of the Overlooked ‘Little Apocalypse’ of Jesus in Luke 17:22ff” and Johnson, “The Glory of God in the Book of Revelation.” Doug Brown, author of Fighting Spiritual Battles, presented “The Glory of God and Dispensationalism.”

A pastors’ panel, a panel discussion recalling the last 10 years of councils, and a memorial tribute for Dr. Bill Arp rounded out the event.


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