RBP VBS Song Composers’ Work Displayed at University Exhibit

Emily and Darren Roos, RBP VBS music songrwritersWACO, Texas—Each year the libraries of Baylor University celebrate recent contributions of Baylor’s faculty, graduate students, and staff by displaying entries in the Moody Memorial Library’s Creations@Baylor Exhibit. For the past couple of years, Darren and Emily Roos have showcased their songwriting abilities with songbooks and CDs from RBP’s VBS programs on display at the exhibit. The couple has contributed to the VBS music lineup since 2013.

Darren is a registered piano technician at Baylor University School of Music’s Piano Technical Services. His skills as a problem solver, innovator, and communicator also come in handy in his service as secretary for the Baylor Orators Toastmasters. Emily is director of logistics and finance for the la Madeleine French Country Café Franchise, which has restaurants throughout the Southwest. Emily and Darren have written the following RBP songs:

  • “Camp Moose-on-the-Loose” and “Camping Out under the Stars” in Camp Moose-on-the-Loose: Discovering God’s Forever Forgiveness, available in 2018
  • “Over the Moat,” “That’s Castle Life,” and “We Sing to You Our King” in Over the Moat: Drawbridge to the King (2017)
  • “On Cowabunga Farm” and “On the Farm” in Cowabunga Farm: Growin’ with Our Faithful God (2016)
  • “To the Edge” in To the Edge: Encounter the God of the Universe (2015)
  • “Sing to You” in Investigation Destination: Follow the Clues to the King of Kings (2013)

RBP congratulates Darren and Emily for being chosen to exhibit their work in the Creations@Baylor Exhibit.

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