Don’t Trash Your VBS Decorations

Your students loved riding into Giddyup Junction, and the decorations were a big part of taking them out West. But it’s true—what goes up for VBS must come down. After VBS, what do you do with all those crepe paper and cowboy decorations? Well, what you have stapled and taped in front of you is an opportunity. Many of those old decorations can be used to pay VBS forward now or next year.

First, if another like-minded church is running their VBS after yours, you may make their day by donating at least some decorations to them. But many supplies can also be reused next year. Here’s a sample list that can carry over to Big Fish Bay:

  • photo of a church's decorations at Giddyup Junction VBS 2019Many desert sand and rock decorations could become beach/shoreline sand and rocks.
  • Many sky decorations could also be used for an ocean sky.
  • Long rain slickers used for cowboy costumes could become rain gear for fishermen.
  • Lassos and ropes could be ropes used on ships or docks.
  • Wooden barrels go just as well on a dock at the marina as they did by the general store—the same is true of many crates.
  • Blue tarps can be used to create water scenes.
  • Sheets that were used for covered wagons can become sails for Big Fish Bay.
  • Try using the inflatable campfire (32061) for a campfire on a beach.
  • Try the Giddyup Junction 3-D welcome arch (32270) or cardboard timbers from it, with the sign removed, as posts for a dock/marina set.

Some of the best things to save from VBS aren’t physical—they are ideas from your VBS or others. Be sure to save photos and jot down notes from this VBS season. They may prove invaluable for next year’s decorating.

Imagine being able to add more decorations just by reusing or repurposing old ones. Your VBS set will grow, but your budget won’t feel the pinch. All those great decorations could increase the “wow factor” for kids when they arrive at VBS! That “wow” will help them want to return, invite their friends, and hear about Christ.

About Joshua Mason

Joshua Mason is RBP’s creative manager for VBS. He holds an M. Div. and has served as a children’s pastor and in other ministry roles. As a VBS director, he saw the impact VBS could have, not only on children but also the entire church and its outreach to the community. Now he’s thrilled to be part of making sure churches have the tools they need as they reach children for Christ!
On a normal day you might catch Joshua flying a drone with his daughter in his free time. He also likes to read good books or articles, ride bikes with his family, and play basketball.
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