Rotation Names in Big Fish Bay

When you call rotations by theme names, every place in VBS becomes part of Big Fish Bay. For example, snack time is now Tall Ship Treats, and that little extra touch helps students become sailors! Decorating the locations according to their names would also add to the effect. Be sure to explain the meaning of each rotation name during The Marina (assembly time) so students know where they’ll be going next.

  • tall ship at big fish bayThe Marina—assembly time. Full of singing, skits, and more, this is where sailors cast off to head into the bay, and where they dock at the end.
  • Lighthouse Point—the Bible lessons. Through the account of Jonah, students will learn about God’s mercy and sharing it with others. They will especially see God’s mercy in what Jesus, the Light of the world, did for them.
  • Longboat Launch—game time. Launching a longboat into the high sea was exciting and took teamwork, just like games do.
  • Shipwright Shack—craft time. Release your VBS shipwrights’ creativity and building skills while crafts reinforce the lessons in a hands-on way.
  • Tall Ship Treats—snack time. Sailors will taste the “flavor” of Big Fish Bay. The snacks are fun to make as well as to eat, and many include the option for students to help.

Why settle for calling the rotations “crafts,” “games,” and “snacks?” You can help students feel even more as if they’re in Big Fish Bay simply by using theme names!

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