A Puppet Matinee!

Big Fish Bay Puppet Crew

If you only do the Will Ketchit Skits during VBS, consider presenting a matinee performance of the Big Fish Bay Puppet Skits. Here are three possible ways to present the skits:

  1. Have your church’s puppet team present them.
  2. Invite a church with a puppet team to minister to your church using their puppets.
  3. Use only the Oliver T. Otter puppet and have real people act out the other parts. Actors can learn their parts by listening to the puppet CD.

Before the performance, you may want to welcome guests, sing Big Fish Bay songs, and quote verses learned during VBS. Be sure to serve Big Fish Bay snacks and beverages before, during, or after the performance. And, of course, invite the families back for your next Big Fish Bay family event, your church services, and other ministries.

Look for “Game Time: Leviathans vs. Otters,” part 4 in the five-part series  Make Big Fish Bay a Favorite Summer Vacation Spot.

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