Plan a Kids4Truth Clubs Award Ceremony

two men awarding a Kids4Truth Clubs student with pins on her standardReward students who applied themselves to their memory work during the club year—hold a year-end award ceremony in front of the entire church.

During this ceremony, each student who has met your criteria earns a year-end pin and certificate. Each student is called to the front, where their small-group leader or director attaches the year-end pin to the student’s standard and presents the student’s certificate. Certificates are available by level of achievement, including a general certificate, so they may be presented to all participants. Consider enhancing your certificates by adding an official Kids4Truth Clubs seal on the certificates.

Kids4Truth gold pin with logoYear-end award pins are available in gold, silver, and bronze for different levels of achievement according to your choosing. For instance, if during the current year a participant achieves the first three patches for each doctrinal theme, they might receive the bronze award. Likewise, if four patches, the silver and if all five patches, the gold. Additional recommendations are available on the EquipU site and in the Director’s Start Up Manual.

Attach the year-end award pin to the standard above the Kids4Truth Clubs embroidered logo. The level completion pin is also worn above the Kids4Truth Clubs logo, next to the year-end pin.

  • For year 1, place the pins left of the Kids4Truth Clubs logo.
  • For year 2, place the pins right of the Kids4Truth Clubs logo.

Finishing both TruthBooks of a level is a big deal. So award level completion pins to those who have completed both TruthBooks.

Line up a photographer to record the ceremony, and encourage family and friends to take photos. Have students and leaders pose after each student has received his or her award(s). Also consider sending a group photo and story to your local newspaper, state association newsletter, or sharing the news with us!

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