4 Ways to Have Happy Volunteers

Smiling volunteers are training to work in their church's Kids4Truth ClubsWell-trained volunteers are happy workers, because they know what needs to be done and how to do it. After volunteers’ initial training, ongoing instruction provides additional information for working with children.

With this in mind, Kids4Truth Clubs offers a variety of options to meet a wide range of needs.

In-Person or Virtual Training Events

Kids4Truth Clubs offers in-person or web-based training events for those who want official instruction on how to use the Kids4Truth Clubs curriculum and program. Topics commonly covered are a curriculum overview, TruthBook content and usage, schedules, awards and motivating children, small group time, and record keeping. Additional topics a church may request include effective review games, memorable memory techniques, and motivating children to learn.

Flexibility is built into the Kids4Truth Clubs curriculum and program. Common customization includes how awards are earned, the pace at which a church goes through a book, ages that use each level, and choices of activities. Because of this customization option, regional training events are tailored to first fit the needs of the host church and then to fit any unique needs of other churches/clubs represented in the audience.

EquipU Online Library: Frequently Asked Questions

The EquipU site provides two categories of FAQs: for current Kids4Truth Clubs users and for those wanting general information. The FAQs for current users offers at-your-fingertips answers on a number of subjects, including curriculum components and structure, memory work, and awards.

EquipU Online Library: Self-Paced Training Opportunities

Opportunities include our EquipU Online Library recorded training or craft tutorials, PowerPoint tutorials that allow people to train at their own pace, and downloadable training documents.

Topics include

  • Individual aspects of a Kids4Truth Clubs
  • Implementing and transitioning from one curriculum to another
  • Effective review games
  • Motivating and engaging children to learn
  • Effective community events
  • Adding fun events and activities
  • Effective memory techniques
  • Crafts tutorials

Kids4Truth Clubs Specialists

Video conference calls or phone conversations with a Kids4Truth Clubs specialist are also available. Whether you’re starting a new club or want to enhance your ongoing training efforts, our team is ready to assist you! Call our team of specialists at 866.754.4272.

RBP produces a number of training resources, available at RBPtraining.org.

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