Orphans and Others Helped by VBS Missions Projects

Two young black boys in developing nation, possibly orphans helped by a VBS missions project.

Everyone needs a bright spot now and then—and that’s been especially true the past couple of years. COVID-19 has been rough on us all. In many parts of the world, not only did people have to cope with losing loved ones to COVID and struggle to keep up with the economic fallout, but they were in great danger even before it hit. Starvation and hardship are perennial threats in the countries that RBP’s 2020/2021 VBS missions projects focused on. And that’s not to mention the spiritual darkness in countries that don’t have much Christian witness.

But because of these timely missions projects, the outlook is much brighter for many people. Operation Safe Harbor, the 2020 project, focused on providing resources forVBS Operation Safe Harbor poster for helping orphans and others. orphans. Outside the US, orphans have suffered even more than usual due to COVID-induced supply shortages. And Operation Hunger aimed to feed people who were in danger of physical and spiritual starvation.

Both groups of people are grateful for the difference that VBS kids made through their generosity. As a result of the pandemic, the giving wasn’t quite as high in 2020/2021 as in other years, with Operation Safe Harbor raising $5,320 and Operation Hunger raising $11,190. But orphans and others in crisis areas still received substantial help.

For example, because children gave through VBS, kids in the Lisa Center Orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo will be able to continue their education—and that will lead to a more secure future. According to Pastor Maboko Fidele, who leads the orphanage, this kind of aid is long-lasting and will help children contribute “to themselves and to society.” And because of the generosity of American kids in VBS, kids in orphanages in Kenya, Uganda, and India will have food and other supplies that will help provide for their basic needs. They will have brighter days ahead!

Operation Hunger poster for feeding orphans and others through VBS missions project.

Kids in the US gave $11,190 to Operation Hunger, RBP’s 2021 VBS missions project.

God can do wonderful things through kids. They don’t have to wait until they are older to make a difference, and missions projects like these are outstanding examples of that. In years when the families and churches of many US children were affected by COVID, they still gave above and beyond to these missions projects. And, though they may never personally know the kids on the other side of the world who were touched by their generosity, their gifts provided wonderful bread of life and a safe harbor for many children and their families.

Read more about orphans and others in crisis. And pray!

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