VBS 2023: Welcome to the World of Dinosaurs


VBS 2023 Stompers & Chompers low res theme background inlineARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Churches and their communities are invited to a “dinormous” time of learning and fun at Stompers & Chompers: Building Dino-Sized Faith in God’s Big Plan. This “world of dinosaurs” theme allows kids to explore our world before the Flood, complete with fun-loving characters, lush jungle environments, and dino-sized experiences.

Stompers & Chompers is the kind of place kids dream about—a whimsical world where dinosaurs roam and play. “Kids love dinosaurs, and many adults do too! And they’ll love Stompers & Chompers,” says Josh Mason, RBP’s creative manager of VBS. “The lessons and activities are filled with dino-approved fun. Students will learn about God creating dinosaurs and will meet all kinds of dinosaur friends in this fascinating world.”

At Stompers & Chompers faith grows in dino-sized ways as students learn ageless truths from the faith and failures of some of the first people in the Bible:

Lesson 1: “Building Faith in God’s Word” (creation)

Lesson 2: “Building Faith in God’s Design” (purpose for Adam and Eve)

Lesson 3: “Building Faith in God’s Grace” (the Fall; Cain and Abel)

Lesson 4: “Building Faith in God’s Warnings” (the Flood)

Lesson 5: “Building Faith in God’s Promise” (Abraham; Christ Jesus)

Mason is passionate about what will happen through the Bible lessons. “Kids’ faith is under attack today like never before. But Stompers & Chompers will help build their faith in God and His plan. They’ll go back to the beginning. They’ll learn that God was faithful to His plan and His promises, even when people blew it. And students will begin to know and believe that God has a beautiful design for their own lives.” They will walk away from Stompers & Chompers knowing what to believe and why to believe it, which Mason calls “the why factor.” They’ll know how they, too, can follow God’s big plan for them.

The lessons in Stompers & Chompers are designed for flexibility. Churches can tailor them to any size or kind of VBS (e.g., 3-day, backyard). According to Mason, “One size does not fit all in churches, communities, and kid’s ministry, and that’s where a VBS like Stompers & Chompers shines. It has inherent flexibility. Whatever shape your VBS may take, or even if you don’t call it VBS, RBP materials are an excellent choice.”

The lessons are also both evangelistic and edifying: churches will teach the gospel to unbelievers while teaching believers how to share the gospel and grow in their faith in God’s big plan. In fact, the gospel is so well integrated into the program that churches can use even snack time as an opportunity to encourage faith. That’s one of the reasons RBP is known as the evangelistic VBS.

Stompers & Chompers offers age-appropriate Bible study for everyone from 2 to 102. To learn more, visit our VBS website. You can also order your own Stompers & Chompers Introductory Kit (KJV; NKJV) or view our online catalog today!

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