Alan Wilson Retires from RBP

“Alan has been a great asset to RBP during his many years of service. He brought to his table an enthusiasm for Christian education, an ability to relate to people quickly and easily, and a pastor’s heart. All these traits made him uniquely well-suited for his role as U.S. Field Coordinator. I am grateful to have had Alan as a colleague, and I wish him all the best in retirement.” —David Gunn, former director of Regular Baptist Press

ELGIN, Ill.—After serving Regular Baptist Press for 22 years, Alan Wilson has retired as RBP’s field coordinator.

Alan had been pastoring for 15 years when he saw an ad for an RBP field representative in the Baptist Bulletin. Noting that the job description fit his interests, he applied and was hired.

As an RBP representative, Alan traveled extensively to conferences and churches, promoting RBP products, or, as he puts it, “connecting Bible-teaching churches to doctrinally sound curriculum and resources.” He also led training seminars at church conferences and to individual congregations. Additionally, he introduced churches to RBP’s new Strong Curriculum and to Kids4Truth Clubs after RBP acquired the program.

Retired former GARBC National Representative John Greening says that “Alan was a trusted Alan Wilson retirement--Alan at RBPbook table at conferencecolleague who gave his all for the RBP cause. He traveled endless miles. Attended a never-ending list of conferences. Set up and manned a display table more times than could be counted. Taught a myriad of teacher training workshops. All of this tireless effort so that toddlers to seniors could know Christ and the Word of God, and churches could be strengthened. Daria and I have many great memories of working with Alan.” On a personal note, Greening adds, “Put your feet up, Alan. You deserve a rest.”

Alan says he won’t miss the travel much; however, he will miss meeting the “great people who are on the front lines of ministry.” He adds, “I even got a kick out of the many tours pastors would give me of their church buildings. I loved that too. Lots of great pastors and teachers all across the U.S. I found that encouraging!”

Alan’s plans for the future include adopting Romans 15:20–21 to witness to the unbelievers he meets. He wants to talk to them about what Christ has done for them, while keeping the message simple, loving, and kind. “I’ll play golf too,” he says. “The golf course can be a great mission field!”

Alan says that “teaching the Word of God is who we [churches] are and what we are about!” He challenges churches “to take the time, effort, and money to do the teaching job right.”

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