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Who is RBP?

Regular Baptist Press is the publishing ministry of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC). RBP was founded to produce distinctively Baptist Sunday School curriculum based on the entire “counsel of God.” Biblical integrity and doctrinal soundness have remained our hallmarks since 1952. Today a growing number of churches rely on RBP for Sunday School curriculum, ministry training, children’s ministry programs, Bible studies, books, and other resources that encourage maturity in Christ.

For a detailed history of RBP and the GARBC, read Quest for Faithfulness or other Baptist interest titles.

Where can I find your doctrinal statement? 

Our doctrinal statement is available on our website.

Items from other publishers may not fully agree with the RBP doctrinal statement. The inclusion of other publishers’ materials in RBP’s product offerings does not imply an official endorsement of any Non-Regular Baptist authors, personalities, or organizations.

Do you sell customer information?

We never make our RBP customer list or other personal information about our customers available to any publishers or ministries that are not part of the Regular Baptist Ministries family. At times, we may share personal information about our customers to sister ministries of the GARBC. As an example, after a disaster occurs in a particular locale, we may provide a list of RBP customers to Regular Baptist Builder’s Club (our sister ministry) so they can reach out to offer disaster relief assistance. We may provide data to vendors (e.g., e-mail service provider) who utilize the data to provide RBP with a service. If you are from Canada and you provide your personal information to us, we may pass along your information to our distributor (i.e., RBP Canada) for purposes of follow-up.

Please review our privacy policy for more information.

Do you offer materials in Spanish or other languages?

We offer Bibles, books, tracts, and evangelistic resources in Spanish HERE. Select LifeDesign adult Bible studies are available in Spanish HERE.

EBI (Editorial Bautista Independiente) www.ebi-bmm.org, offers some RBP curriculum.

What versions of the Bible does RBP use?

Below is a listing of Bible versions used by product line. Versions are noted on each product description page at RBPstore.org.

Sunday School
The Strong Sunday School Curriculum is available in ESV, NKJV, and always in KJV. Our youth and adult departments are currently available only in the King James Version (KJV).

Vacation Bible School is available in King James Version (KJV) and New King James Version (NKJV).

Jr Church
It’s Grow Time Jr Church is version neutral and can be used with any Bible version.

Kids4Truth Clubs
The current edition of Kids4Truth Clubs curriculum is available in the King James Version (KJV) or the English Standard Version (ESV). At this time, there are no plans to add additional versions.

Bible Studies & Books
The version used in our book imprint and men’s, women’s, or topical Bible studies varies by the title—though typically they are either KJV or NKJV. Each title is available in only one version, which is listed on the product description page of the store.

Other Publisher’s Materials
We sell several products from other publishers who may use other versions.

Where can I find samples? 

You can download, view, and print PDF samples on the product description page of most of the products on RBPstore.org. Click on the link(s) under the “Samples” tab. A video tutorial is available if needed.

Do you provide ministry consultation?

Yes. We have experienced field representatives who work with churches to evaluate specific ministry goals and how RBP’s resources can help. Click here for contact information.

Do you offer products in large print?

No, we do not offer large print in our curriculum lines.

Does RBP provide training for Sunday School teachers?

Yes. RBP offers an assortment of BuildUP training seminars. Go to www.RBPtraining.org for details.

We conduct workshops at churches and Christian Education conferences throughout the country. To request a teacher training seminar to be held at your church or to inquire about upcoming seminars in your area, please contact us today!

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

What versions of the Bible do RBP Bible studies use?

The versions used in our men’s, women’s, or topical Bible studies varies by the title—though typically they are either KJV or NKJV. Each title is available in only one version, which is listed on the product description page of the store.

Are leader’s guides available for the men’s and women’s Bible studies?

Separate leaders’ guides are not available for any studies.

The women’s studies have a leader’s guide in the back of each book; the men’s studies typically do not. The Real Faith in Life and BuildUP series also have a leader’s guide in the back of each book.

How can I find the specific lesson titles or topics for your elective Bible studies?

Many of the adult and Senior High Bible studies include the Table of Contents. When viewing the Teacher or Leader Guide description, click on the link under the “Samples” tab to view the Table of Contents. Here’s a video tutorial, if needed.


For FAQs regarding Kids4Truth Clubs, please click here.


Can we copy RBP materials?

You will find our Copyright statement HERE.

You may copy anything that says on it “reproducible for classroom use only.” This means what it says: you may make the copies you need for your classroom. You may not make copies for another church.

In addition, we make some materials downloadable from our website. These materials may only be copied if they say “reproducible for classroom use only.”

What if I have a CCLI license?

According to Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI ), “the CCLI® Copyright License is the most comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective means of copyright clearance available for songs used in congregational singing.” A CCLI license covers music, it does not provide a license for the copying of church educational materials.

Regular Baptist Press is not a publishing partner of CCLI.  This means that song copyrights held by RBP are not covered by the CCLI Copyright License.

Want to know if a particular song is covered? Use CCLI’s Song Search to find out.
For more information about CCLI licensing, view the CCLI License Manual.

Why can’t I buy one student book and copy it for my class?

Copying without permission is illegal. You will find our copyright statement HERE.

  1. We try to keep the price of our materials as affordable as possible. In order to continue to fund the ministry of Regular Baptist Press and the development of new products, we have to sell materials.
  2. All RBP products are protected by US copyright law. They cannot be reproduced in any form, including electronic retrieval, without permission from the publisher.
  3. Not only is copying illegal, but it also compromises the quality of the product. Most of the time, copies are made in black and white. All of our student materials are in color. What does it say to the student if he or she is handed a black and white copy?
  4. Some departments have stickers that go with the student pages. Students have to do without these if copies are made.

Sometimes a church will call in week 11 or 12 of a quarter and request permission to copy because a new student or two have joined a class. In such situations, we almost always grant permission. But you must call first.



Payment Options

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for credit card payments.

  • Individuals must prepay unless billing a church. If you have permission to bill a church account, please call 800.727.4440 to have a customer service representative link your account to the church.
  • A church or retailer with an established account can purchase products using either a credit card or invoice their RBP account number. Account payment terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice.

Net 30 days. Prices subject to change without notice. No returns without authorization number. Read our full return policy at RegularBaptistPress.org/returns. DVDs, CDs, and opened kits are not returnable.

Where can I find an order form?

Order forms are included in each catalog. You can also download an order blank.

Where can I view my order history?

You may review your order and payment history on your RBPstore.org profile. You will need your username and password to access this information. If you do not have an online profile, you will need to set up a profile up with our Customer Service department so that it is tied to your account.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders placed after 11:30 a.m. CST are not processed until the next business day. Orders will be shipped within three business days of being processed. This does not include time for shipping.

How do I check on the status of an order? (ORDER TRACKING)

For UPS and several other carriers, tracking number(s) may be available. Once a tracking number has been generated, you can find the number(s) on your RBPstore.org profile or by contacting RBP’s Customer Service Department. Additionally, a tracking number may have been emailed to you.

Most of these numbers can be entered on the carrier’s Web site to determine more exactly where your order is and when it will arrive.

NOTE: If your UPS tracking status is “Order Processed: Ready for UPS,” this means that a shipping label has been created for your order, but it has not yet left the warehouse. This does not indicate an error in the order and does not require a call to customer service.

How do I locate the tracking number on my RBPstore.org profile?

To find the number on your profile:

  1. Navigate to https://cart.rbpstore.org/Profile and sign in (if necessary).
  2. Scroll down to the Order History section and select the “details” button.
  3. A button for the tracking number will be at the bottom of the order information.
May I sign up to receive curriculum orders automatically?

No, not at the present time. To help customers, we automatically send quarterly email order reminders to accounts that have purchased curriculum. It’s important to note that this means you must have an email connected to your account.

Subscribe here to make sure you receive the quarterly reminder.

If you have ever unsubscribed from RBP emails, you may not receive an email unless you subscribe here.

Additionally, anyone subscribed to the RBP Curriculum/Strong Curriculum list will receive the reminder. You may unsubscribe from Strong Curriculum emails at any time.

I received a damaged product. What should I do?

If the product is damaged or defective when shipped to you, please contact Customer Service immediately at 800.727.4440. The Customer Service representative handling the call may issue credit without having the physical product returned or may send you a replacement. You do not need a return authorization. If the product needs to be returned, the Customer Service representative will coordinate the return method of shipping.

What do I do if I received a product that I did not order?

If a product is shipped due to a Regular Baptist Press error, please contact Customer Service immediately at 800.727.4440. The Customer Service representative handling the call may issue credit and/or send the correct product to you at our expense. If the product needs to be returned, the Customer Service representative will coordinate the return method of shipping at our expense.

What do I do if I can’t find the original invoice or packing slip?

You may review your order and payment history on your RBPstore.org profile. You will need your username and password to access this information. If you do not have an online profile, you will need to set up a profile up with our Customer Service department so that it is tied to your account.

Why was I charged a fee for copying material that is not available?

Material that is not available is still protected by copyright.

For curriculum, some of this material will come back around in the normal curriculum cycle, or some of it may be picked up and used in another format. If you absolutely must have something that is not currently available, we may give you permission to make copies, but we will ask you to pay for those copies.

For other materials, there may be instances where we cannot legally give you permission.



What is your return policy?

If you purchased your materials through Regular Baptist Press, your purchases fall under RBP’s return policy. Deadlines for returns are listed in the policy.

If you purchased your materials through a retailer or distributor, please contact them directly.

May I return unused materials?

Please view our return policy for complete details. Any returnable materials must be unmarked and in salable condition. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization.

How do I get a return authorization (RA) number?

You need to know your invoice number(s), item or ISBN number(s) (your invoice or pick list has these numbers), and quantities to be returned. Please take a few moments to gather this information prior to requesting your RA reference number.

There are two ways to obtain an RA reference number:

  1. Contact Customer Service directly at 800-727-4440.
  2. Use our downloadable form and submit your request via e-mail or fax.
What is a return authorization?

An RA reference number is a required authorized number provided by RBP that links directly to your account to ensure credit is issued to your account as quickly as possible. By obtaining this RA reference number, your return is pre-approved for credit before we receive the product. This reference number is linked to your account and is set up to include the discounts at which the product was purchased and confirm product is returnable. By having the return pre-approved the process of issuing credit to your account is faster, more efficient and accurate.

Why do I need a return authorization?

The RA number is mandatory. Not all materials are returnable, and there are limits on how many items may be returned and how long you have to return them. You will not receive full credit for returned items that do not follow the return policy.

What if I return materials after the deadline?

You will not receive any credit for those items.

Deadlines are listed in our return policy.

How soon should I expect credit to my account?
  • Returns that follow these established guidelines will be processed within 2–4 weeks from the date received at RBP.
  • Please keep in mind our goal is to process every return as quickly as possible; however, during heavy volume and peak periods, slight delays may happen.
  • Once your return has been processed, RBP will mail you a copy of your credit memo.
  • It is important that you do not take deductions on future payments to RBP until you receive your credit memo. Taking deductions from your account before credit is issued may cause you to incur late charges on outstanding balances.
I have a return authorization. Where am I shipping the return?

All returns must be sent to:
RBP Returns
C/O Witt Management
680 Industrial Dr #1
Cary, IL 60013

Please remember that packages should be securely wrapped within a box or jet bag using packing materials so they are not damaged in transit.  The return authorization number must be displayed on outside of package, and printed on a copy of the original invoice or packing slip inside the package.

Sunday School

For FAQs regarding Strong Curriculum, please click here.

Jr Church

Jr. Church

What version does It’s Grow Time use?

It’s Grow Time Jr. Church can be used with any Bible translation. The curriculum is version neutral.

Where can I find samples of It’s Grow Time?

You can download a free lesson via our website.



Does RBP have an on-line event management solution?

While RBP does not have any proprietary online event management solutions, there are a number of free event management tools online. While we don’t officially recommend any particular tool, we have successfully utilized ticketleap.com in the past. They offer free registration tools for free events.

Where can I download clip art elements from the logo?
When do I need to purchase a print license for the VBS logo?
What versions of the Bible does RBP use for VBS?

The King James Version (KJV) and the New King James Version (NKJV) are available for all of our Vacation Bible School curriculum.

May I order last year’s VBS material?

While supplies last, you may purchase last year’s VBS material as a non-returnable Super Kit. If available, Super Kit’s would be listed here. Please note that there are limited quantities and they may not always be available.

Can I purchase products from your old VBS programs?

RBP began producing quality evangelistic VBS programs in 1972. Since then, we’ve matured and made improvements along the way.  One thing that hasn’t changed is our strong stand for solid Biblical content, so we understand why you’d be interested in past VBS programs. Unfortunately, we are not able to carry all of our past programs due to inventory constraints.

Along with the current theme, we often offer last year’s program as a Super Kit. Check our web store to see what’s currently available.