BuildUP Seminars


A BuildUP Seminar will help you…

  • Discover a comprehensive ministry strategy
  • Improve your teaching skills
  • Develop your leadership potential
  • Gain confidence in serving
  • Increase your community outreach
  • Enhance your ability to communicate

BuildUP Seminars help you and your church move people toward spiritual maturity.

Blueprint SeminarThe Blueprint Seminar
is an in-depth learning experience designed to help you and your church leaders develop a comprehensive strategy for moving people toward spiritual maturity.
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Impact Parenting SeminarImpact Parenting Seminar
provides tools to engage children creatively in learning Biblical values. Children will be encouraged to become wise decision-makers.
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Impact Teaching Seminar Jesus impacted lives with HIs teaching. You can too! The Impact Teaching Seminar will put you in touch with Christ as your teaching mentor.
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Next Generation SeminarThe Next Generation Seminar will help you develop a big-picture strategy that impacts students for a lifetime of Godly living.
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Success in Bible Teaching SeminarSuccessful Bible teaching does not just happen. It requires the right training and preparation. The Success in Bible Teaching Seminar gives you the proper foundation so you can prepare and teach Bible lessons that build lives by the Book.
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