Book Calls on Christian Leaders to be “Biblical Slave Leaders”


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Biblical Slave Leadership

Biblical Slave Leadership
Daniel L. Anderson • RBP5129 • ISBN 978-1-60776-661-2 • Paper • 144 pages • Retail $14.99

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—A book by Dr. Daniel L. Anderson, president of Appalachian Bible College, is now available at

Biblical Slave Leadership: A Stewardship from Above to Lead from Below is written to pastors, church leaders, and anyone within a leadership position. Anderson contrasts the Biblical model of leadership with wrong ideas in the New Testament world, the same ideas that are taught in so many leadership courses today.

“At a time when our world desperately needs effective leaders, the Church has the opportunity to display Biblical leadership,” Anderson says. “From the individual leadership of one’s personal life, to the domestic leadership of family life, to the public leadership of ministry settings—at all levels and in all arenas—Christian leaders must be Biblical slave leaders.”

Anderson admits that he used servant for many years to describe his role as president of Appalachian Bible College. But after several years of study, he adopted the stronger word and used it as a model of ministry. “True Biblical leadership as described by Jesus encompasses the very features readily recognized in the first-century culture by the term slave,” he says. “There is no glamour or glossing over the intended identity which conveyed the principle that Biblical leadership is a slave task.”

DANIEL L. ANDERSON (ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) has served as president of the Association for Biblical Higher Education, as well as on the boards of the National Association for Independent Colleges and Universities, West Virginia’s Independent Colleges and Universities, The Friends of Israel, and the Fellowship of Missions.

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Biblical Slave Leadership
Daniel L. Anderson
RBP5133 • ISBN 978-1-60776-833-3
Hardcover • 144 pages • Retail $19.99

Biblical Slave Leadership
Daniel L. Anderson
RBP5129 • ISBN 978-1-60776-661-2
Paper • 144 pages • Retail $14.99

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