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Power of the Spirit 3 Study Set

Power of the Spirit (Acts)—3 Study Set
Valerie Wilson • RBP5132 • Paper
Retail $21.99

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—A new women’s Bible study on the book of Acts by Valerie Wilson, presented in three works, is now available at

Living in the Power of the Spirit (Acts 1—12) introduces the church and shows how the Holy Spirit worked in early believers. Wilson says: “Living in the power of the Spirit is an exciting life! The believers in the early church knew this—and you and I can know it too! The Spirit’s ministry was not limited to New Testament times.” This study is designed to help ladies realize more of the Spirit’s power in their own lives.

The second book, Serving in the Power of the Spirit (Acts 13—20), traces Paul’s three missionary journeys, “but it is also instruction and encouragement for us,” says Wilson. Paul’s journeys were filled with problems, personalities, and victories—just like believers’ lives today. This study helps women serve God more faithfully and fervently.

The final book, Persevering in the Power of the Spirit (Acts 21—28), follows Paul to Jerusalem and Rome for his trials and imprisonment. Wilson says: “The final eight chapters of Acts are filled with enough counterinfluences, opposition, or discouragement to cause any person to give up. But not Paul.” Persevering encourages women to continue on where God has placed them, knowing that the same Spirit is working in them to accomplish His purposes. It also takes a look back over the entire book of Acts. And, finally—since the book concludes before the end of Paul’s life and ministry—this study uncovers the rest of Paul’s story.

Valerie Wilson (MRE, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is a Christian educator who is active in children’s and women’s ministries in her local church. She speaks to ladies’ groups and conducts workshops in the United States and Canada. A graduate of Baptist Bible Seminary in Johnson City, N.Y., she was honored by BBC&S with a Doctor of Religious Education degree in 2002. She has also written Welcome to the Family (a children’s discipleship book), God’s Grand Plan and Pearls from Proverbs (women’s Bible studies), and Trusting the Bible (a BuildUP Bible study).

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Living in the Power of the Spirit: Acts 1—12
Valerie Wilson
RBP5120 • ISBN 978-1-60776-630-8
Paper • 112 pages • Retail $8.99

Serving in the Power of the Spirit: Acts 13—20
Valerie Wilson
RBP5126 • ISBN 978-1-60776-659-9
Paper • 112 pages • Retail $8.99

Persevering in the Power of the Spirit: Acts 21—28
Valerie Wilson
RBP5453 • ISBN 978-1-60776-831-9
Paper • 112 pages • Retail $8.99

Power of the Spirit (Acts)—3 Study Set
Valerie Wilson
Paper • Retail $21.99

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