Marsha Hubler Becomes Director of Writers Conference

Hubler_thumbMONTROSE, Pa.—Marsha Hubler has been named director of the Montrose Christian Writers Conference. Marsha is author of the women’s Bible study Draw Me Closer, Lord: A Woman’s Guide to a Meaningful Prayer Life.

About 100 people gather for this conference the third week of every July at the restored home and conference center of R. A. Torrey—the 19th-century pastor, writer, and teacher—in Montrose. An average of 16 authors, agents, and editors lead the daily classes, workshops, and panel discussions. This year’s theme is “Equipping Writers for Eternal Significance”—and the conference has been doing just that for 26 years.

“While every writer’s goal is to ‘get that contract,’” Marsha says, “let us never forget our ultimate goal as Christian writers should be to spread the good news that Jesus saves and the new life He offers is worth the living. Without that purpose of writing to touch hearts for Christ in this turbulent world, our labor is in vain.”

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