New Adult Sunday School Course Examines Cultural Issues

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Current Culture: A Biblical Understanding and Response, a new adult Sunday School course studying current cultural issues from a Biblical worldview, is now available at

This course addresses cultural issues confronting believers today and is designed to help learners think through the issues from a Biblical perspective so they can respond in a Biblical manner and influence their culture for Christ.

“Culture is not something we can ignore,” says Alex Bauman, RBP director. “It is confronting us as believers, challenging our beliefs, and demanding we respond. If we aren’t careful, we will adopt responses that seem good but that are in reality contrary to God’s Word. The Bible is always culturally relevant. It must guide our responses to culture. This course helps learners apply the Bible to today’s culture.”

The course uses a three-step lesson plan in a classroom setting, providing commentary and engaging learners through interactive teaching methods that correlate with questions in the Adult Bible Study Book.

Teacher and student guides are available online or by calling customer service at 888-588-1600.

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