Alex Konya Participates in Refugee Summit

Konya_inlineKEENE VALLEY, N.Y.—Regular Baptist Press author Alex Konya participated in a refugee summit discussing how to best support relief efforts. Members of 15 churches in the Adirondacks area attended.

As wars take place in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, millions of refugees have fled the violence, arriving in Europe, the U.S., and Canada. While some participants discussed sponsoring refugees in the immediate area, Konya spoke out about joining international relief efforts.

“You’ve probably heard that [the refugee crisis] is the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War,” Konya told the group of about 60 people. “I’m here because I have a very deep personal interest.”

Formerly a pastor in Ohio and Indiana for 16 years, Konya is regional director of Word of Life ministries in Europe and Eurasia, an organization that has been aiding refugees, “sometimes right off the boat,” Konya says.

“There is a huge, immediate, critical, emergency, humanitarian crisis right now of these people that are trying to get to Europe,” he says. He proposes that giving money and volunteering are the best ways to help refugees.

Konya is author of Demons: A Biblically Based Perspective. Holding an MDiv and ThM from Grace Theological Seminary, he teaches in the organization’s Bible institute in Hungary and has been a conference speaker in a number of countries.

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