Children’s Program at the GARBC Conference

Marrena Ralph, clubs program specialist for Kids4Truth Clubs, and a team of children’s workers ministered to children at the 2017 GARBC Conference. “This week it has been our joy and privilege to work with the children and to use the Kids4Truth Clubs curriculum and program,” she says. “We have had an extremely fast-paced program, where the children learned and recited truths from an entire doctrinal theme. This is normally done in a church setting over a six- to eight-week period, so you know these children have worked hard.”

Mrs. Ralph invites readers to check out the conference fun and activities and the transformation of an ordinary room into a fun, exciting place for children to learn truths from God’s Word. For the main teaching time, small group discussion/memory time, and memory work, the staff used Kids4Truth Clubs curriculum and materials that are available to sample free of charge. To reinforce what the children were taught and memorized, the staff used fun games and activities, which are available for download.

Mrs. Ralph also asks church leaders to consider these questions: Do the children in your church know what they believe and why they believe it? Does your current curriculum lay a firm foundation for essential beliefs a Christian should know? Could your children defend their faith if they were left without your guidance? Children are the next generation of pastors, teachers, church leaders, and parents. What you instill in them will lay the foundation of their entire belief system and philosophy. Are you leaving it to the world to instill its philosophy, or are you teaching children what Christians believe and why they believe it? Kids4Truth Clubs could be the solution.

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