Successful Sunday Morning Discipleship

Opening with Psalm 78, Alan Wilson, the U.S. field coordinator for Regular Baptist Press, shared with his audience the importance of Sunday School. He began with an intriguing question, “What qualities does a baseball player have if he is a five-role player?” Like hiring a five-role player in baseball who excels in base running, fielding, and arm strength for throwing, hitting, and hitting for power, churches should seek five-role teachers, he said.

Each teacher should have a quality relationship with Jesus Christ, a love for people, a love for the church, a passion for teaching, and a heart for evangelism. Wilson spoke in depth on the importance of each of these roles. He also enumerated the habits churches should be looking for in their Sunday School teachers.

Each attendee saw Wilson’s passion for the local Sunday School as he talked about practical characteristics for pastors to look for and expect from teachers. Wilson gave the audience tools for evaluating Sunday School and taking it to the next level.

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