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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Thy Will Be Done, the latest women’s Bible study from RBP author Dorothy Davis, is available for preorder at

When God’s will and your desires collide, what do you do? Jonah tried to dodge God’s will, while Habakkuk questioned it. This 10-lesson study of Jonah and Habakkuk provides insights into how God’s people might respond to a plan they don’t like. You’ll learn what pitfalls to avoid and attitudes to choose when God’s plans don’t line up with yours.

Dorothy Davis has been involved in women’s ministries since early adulthood and has been teaching Sunday School and ladies’ Bible studies for many years. She has an ongoing ministry to women through teaching, speaking, and writing, motivating Christian women to apply God’s Word to the everyday challenges of life so they may grow in grace and glorify Jesus Christ. This and other women’s Bible studies can be found at


Thy Will Be Done
RBP5512 • ISBN 978-1-62940-744-9
Paper • 115 pages • Retail $8.99

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