Author Takes Women to the Manger, the Beginning of Jesus’ Journey on Earth

WINFIELD, Ill.—Amy Dunham, author of Soul Rest: A Journey with Jesus, says she is happiest when she gets to love people and draw them together in community and closer to God, Who seeks and saves the lost. That is what she got to do at two churches in December.

On Dec. 2, women at Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, Ill., gathered with Amy for a Ladies’ Tea, where Amy spoke on the theme “Wrapped in Love.” The tea was used as an outreach event. “This was a great opportunity for me to invite friends from my neighborhood,” says Luann Doman. “The message of God’s amazing love and acceptance is always appropriate and needed, but especially during the Christmas season. Oftentimes we, as women, feel like we have to create a Pinterest-worthy holiday for our loved ones. It’s hard to live up to the standards we set for ourselves.”

Amy told the ladies that just as swaddling a baby wraps the baby in warmth and love, so God wraps each of us in warmth and love. God’s love, Amy said, transcends any messiness or pain, for God’s love doesn’t require people to have it all together or be perfect; He loves us no matter what state we are in.

On Dec. 17, women gathered for a combined Sunday School class at Faith Baptist Church, Sarasota, Fla., Amy’s home church. Enjoying coffee and Christmas cookies, the ladies kept the event low-key, warming their hearts with a Christmas celebration. Amy spoke from Luke 2:6–7 about God’s love, displayed first at the manger but ultimately at the cross. Amy says it is easy for Christians today to disconnect the baby Jesus in the manger with the Jesus Christ Who hung on the cross. The manger is nice to look at, she says, but it wouldn’t amount to much for eternity if it wasn’t for the death and resurrection that came 33 years later.

Brooke Cole says Amy “beautifully shared what it means to be found in Christ and to trust in His love above all. During the holidays it can be easy to get too busy to reflect, but Amy helped us slow down and ponder what Christmas is actually about—that God is with us and He loves us. She helped us renew our commitment to loving Him in return.” Brooke describes Amy as “a bright light with a heart for Jesus that radiates through every word. She is humble and authentic and has a gift for sharing her heart with women. We loved our time with her!”

You can spend time with Amy by taking a closer look at Jesus’ loving interaction with women; study Soul Rest: A Journey with Jesus.

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