Author Mike Stallard in Video Series on Dispensationalism

Why is a dispensational understanding of Scripture so important? Friends of Israel is putting out a video series to answer that question.

Dispensationalism* starts with a literal interpretation of the Bible. Our friend Mike Stallard, FOI’s director of international ministries, tells why literal interpretation is the way to read the Bible.

Why I Am Dispensational

There are many different reasons why we need to understand literal interpretation as the way to read the Bible, and Dispensationalism starts there. Mike Stallard, The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry's Director of International Ministries, talks about literal interpretation and what that does and does not look like in part 1 of our new video series.

Posted by The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. on Friday, June 1, 2018

For a more academic take on dispensationalism as it relates to the New Covenant, see Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant, edited by Mike and available from Regular Baptist Books. Referring to papers first presented at the 2009 Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, the authors discuss three ideas within traditional dispensationalism:

  • the church is in some way a party to the new covenant,
  • the church shares similar blessings to the new covenant, or
  • the church has nothing at all to do with the new covenant.

Each viewpoint is supported by extensive theological, historical, and exegetical research, with responses and rejoinders for each view.

*Dispensationalism is the Bible-based belief in a system of historical progression, consisting of a series of stages in God’s revelation of both Himself and His plan of salvation. Its distinguishing features include a consistent literal-grammatical-historical interpretation of Scripture, a distinction between Israel and the Church, and an emphasis on the glory of God as the unifying theme of Scripture.

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